“We are in no hurry. We have never been, and we will never be.”

Our way

We are in no hurry. We have never been, and we will never be.

A regular chocolate is usually made in one day, a Bean to Bar in three days, and 20 Chocolate in up to 21 days. Each batch of cocoa, hazelnuts and coconut sugar has a different starting point (taste, size, humidity, etc.) and therefore requires constant adjustments to the processes. This is the only way to guarantee a product of the highest possible standard.

We do not use semi-finished products (hazelnut paste and cocoa mass) because they all have the same generic taste.

We know the suppliers

We keep a personal contact with our suppliers. We know who they are, how they work, how they think, how much effort they put in and the processes they use to create the raw materials we value. We don’t buy buckets of raw materials blindly under any circumstances. This is the only way to produce chocolate that is among the very best in the world in terms of intensity and taste characteristics.


Responsible chocolate consumption.

What exactly does that mean?
We buy our ingredients from growers who are free to determine how much they will sell their products for. This does not interfere with their social security or their vision of life. We believe that by supporting and valuing what they do, we bring good energy to the whole process. That is why we say that our products have good energy.