“Our obsession is the perfection of taste.”

Sebastijan and Martina Kalinšek

The holy grail of happiness seems to mean finding your passion. When you find it, and adapt your life to maintain this feeling of perfection, all new mornings are different. I, Sebastijan, and my wife Martina have found it. Our passion is chocolate with all its glory. But not “just chocolate” the one taken for granted for mass production.

We see it as the essence of happiness, created by Mother Nature and presented to us in a shy but magnificent form of small fruits. We started as being curious little children, who taste chocolate for the first time. A child mindlessly flies, takes a bite, stops thinking and enjoys it endlessly. So we enjoyed it so much, that we went on a long journey around the equator, where the best cocoa trees in the world grow. We went through countless training courses, observed all the known and unknown cocoa fields, spent days and evenings with farmers who have been living with their families for generations on this precious fruit. But the real journey of exploring and understanding cocoa, was one we had to take on our own. We moved our lives into a garage space and started, step by step, seed by seed.

Many years have passed since that first evening. Have we reached our destination? No. Will we ever? We hope not. Because that’s exactly where the charm is. The flavours of cocoa essence are a never-ending story that changes a bit every day. If there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that cocoa is our life. 20 Chocolate is our life.

In 2016, we were selected among the TOP 8 Slovenian innovative products and won a place in the START IT UP SLOVENIA project. The project was so successful that it received a Silver WARC Award as one of the most innovative marketing projects in the world.